DIY Peter Pan Collar 

Check out this awesome and easy Tutorial on how to add on your own chic peter pan styled collar to any shirt! Thanks to Worn Fashion Journal for the great tips!

Im loving this style of a collar, and cant wait to try this out for myself! 

DIY Camera Scarf Tutorial 

Follow these simple steps to accessorize your camera wardrobe!

You will need:

  • Scarf
  • Camera
  • Scissors 

Step One:  Find a scarf that you love and dont mind putting minor holes in!  Now fold it in half into a triangle.

Step Two :  Bring the corners of the scarf around creating this image. 

Step Three :  Pick up the first corner, and using a small needle or end of scissors, create a small hole, near the edge and not too close to the edge.  Repeat this step for the other corner.

Step Four:  Find the small ring on your camera that is used for the camera strap.  If your camera doesnt have these, you can purchase them at any craft goods store.    Open the ring and loop your hole through!

Now you are ready to adventure out to be a photographer, while still looking fashionable in your favorite scarf! 

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